The University Essay: Some Basic Tips

Many students get incredibly anxious when writing or handing in their first university level paper,  but it’s completely normal. As a fourth year student, I can honestly say that those nerves a repeated each time you hand in your first paper with a new professor. Why? Well because each department is different, each course is different and each professor is different, and that means that expectations can vary widely. Think of your first paper like a test paper- you could do terribly or you could do amazingly. Either way, it’s very easy to pull back from and it’s an opportunity to learn what you need to do for more important assignments.

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On-Campus Job Opportunities

At Glendon, there are many on-campus jobs available to students. So, I decided to talk to current and former Glendon students who are, or were, involved in various on-campus positions. This list is not necessarily exhaustive (for example, check out the website of Salon Francophone for information on their services), but provides an overview of some of the jobs at Glendon and lets Glendonites explain why they love(d) them!

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Student Cooking: Kitchen Edition

You thought cooking in residence without a kitchen took skill? Well cooking with a kitchen requires something a lot more difficult: commitment. It’s a time commitment, it’s a commitment to your own health, and it’s a commitment to your budget. In residence, if you don’t have time at the last minute to cook, you can walk to the cafeteria. When you live off-campus, it’s true you can order take out, but your wallet will definitely feel the pain, and it takes time.


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Enjoy the Little Things

It’s so easy in life, especially at university, to get so caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle that you lose your sense of purpose, and happiness is quickly replaced by stress. Happiness is a conscious choice which must be made second-by-second. I love a busy life, in fact I find it very difficult to focus without a list of things to do. But, at the same time as enjoying this I often get so swept up in my next project or plan that I forget to enjoy the moment I’m in.


Your university experience should be some of the best years of your life, all-night study sessions and all.

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