High School vs. University: A Classroom Survival Guide

Coming from a family where neither of my parents attended university in Canada, I was really unsure what to expect at Glendon. So now, I’m going to pass some basic things I’ve learned on to you!

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On-Campus Job Opportunities

At Glendon, there are many on-campus jobs available to students. So, I decided to talk to current and former Glendon students who are, or were, involved in various on-campus positions. This list is not necessarily exhaustive (for example, check out the website of Salon Francophone for information on their services), but provides an overview of some of the jobs at Glendon and lets Glendonites explain why they love(d) them!

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*Avant de commencer cette pièce, je voudrais dire que le français n’est pas ma langue maternelle, alors bien que j’étudie et travaille en français et en anglais, il y a probablement plusieurs erreurs. Mais, la seule façon d’améliorer une autre langue est de l’utiliser! Merci!

Pendant l’été vous, comme étudiants du Canada, avez l’occasion d’améliorer vos compétences en français (ou en anglais) en participant dans « Explore ». Ce programme vous donne une expérience immersive dans laquelle vous pourriez recevoir des crédits universitaires. Le meilleur aspect? Tous les coûts sont payés par le gouvernement fédéral du Canada (sauf que le moyen de transport et des excursions).

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#OneWord365: Continue

The end of 2016 is approaching. Memes are everywhere with people ranting about how horrible a year 2016 was, and yeah there have been a lot of upsetting and even terrifying events this year, but in spite of the often unsettling political changes, I personally have had an amazing year.

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Student Cooking: Kitchen Edition

You thought cooking in residence without a kitchen took skill? Well cooking with a kitchen requires something a lot more difficult: commitment. It’s a time commitment, it’s a commitment to your own health, and it’s a commitment to your budget. In residence, if you don’t have time at the last minute to cook, you can walk to the cafeteria. When you live off-campus, it’s true you can order take out, but your wallet will definitely feel the pain, and it takes time.


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