Student Cooking: Kitchen Edition

You thought cooking in residence without a kitchen took skill? Well cooking with a kitchen requires something a lot more difficult: commitment. It’s a time commitment, it’s a commitment to your own health, and it’s a commitment to your budget. In residence, if you don’t have time at the last minute to cook, you can walk to the cafeteria. When you live off-campus, it’s true you can order take out, but your wallet will definitely feel the pain, and it takes time.


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Student Cooking: Residence Edition

Living in residence is an amazing experience, but many residences don’t have access to kitchens. At Glendon, if you have dietary restrictions you can request access to a kitchen, but you can definitely make your own food without a kitchen. (Look out for my blog post next week on student cooking with kitchen access!). 

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The GTA Commute

The great thing about commuting to Glendon is that you definitely won’t be alone. Glendon has many commuter students, and we all stick together: sympathizing with the late days and triumphing on the fast ones.


A semi-accurate representation of me driving to Glendon…

This is my first year commuting from a longer distance to Glendon. Previously, I’ve commuted from within Toronto or lived on campus, but as a cost-saving exercise I’m living at home this year. In good traffic my commute takes 40 minutes to an hour, largely thanks to a few tricks I’ve mastered along the way.

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Living in Toronto

For the last three years I have been living, working and studying in Toronto. Initially, I lived on campus at Glendon for two years in Hilliard Residence, then spent the summer in between these years in Wood Residence. At the end of my second year I decided to move closer to downtown Toronto and got a bachelor apartment off-campus. Now, my year’s rent is up and I am packing up my slowly-emptying apartment ready to move back home.

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