The University Essay: Some Basic Tips

Many students get incredibly anxious when writing or handing in their first university level paper,  but it’s completely normal. As a fourth year student, I can honestly say that those nerves a repeated each time you hand in your first paper with a new professor. Why? Well because each department is different, each course is different and each professor is different, and that means that expectations can vary widely. Think of your first paper like a test paper- you could do terribly or you could do amazingly. Either way, it’s very easy to pull back from and it’s an opportunity to learn what you need to do for more important assignments.

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Independent Learning: Online Courses & Solo Projects

Many people rave about how lucky I am that I only have to attend one class this year. It’s true that I only have one physical lecture per week, but my days are far from relaxing.


Studying at home

This year I am only enrolled in 18 credits (that’s three full-year courses at Glendon). Of these courses one is a discipline course in french and, for the first time in my academic career, two are independent-learning courses: an online literature course and an honours thesis. So, in this blog I am going to give an overview of what each of those courses is like, and give my thoughts on independent learning.

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International… what? (Get ready for acronyms)

International Studies (the best program in existence) is often one of the most easily confused and misunderstood programs at Glendon and in general.

I have been enrolled as a Specialized Honours Major in International Studies since my very first year at Glendon, and I have absolutely no regrets. I have had some of the most enthusiastic and engaging professors I have ever experienced and have really been able to find myself and my interests in an open and critical environment.


But, what is International Studies (IS) ?

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