On-Campus Job Opportunities

At Glendon, there are many on-campus jobs available to students. So, I decided to talk to current and former Glendon students who are, or were, involved in various on-campus positions. This list is not necessarily exhaustive (for example, check out the website of Salon Francophone for information on their services), but provides an overview of some of the jobs at Glendon and lets Glendonites explain why they love(d) them!

The Glendon Athletic Club (GAC)


Pools always need staff, and Lifeguard is a great well-paying job! BEd student Zach recommends that you apply the summer before arriving at Glendon using the Glendon Athletic Club website, and contact the Aquatics Supervisor.

“Working at the GAC is a fantastic option for anyone who lives on campus, because work is a three-minute walk away…

Guarding the GAC is not that much different than other guarding at other pools, except that it tends to be less busy and, because of that, you get to know the swimmers a lot better. Whether it be at a lane swim, rec swim, senior swim or family swim, you’ll get to know your regulars within the first month.

Both a current NLS and Standard First Aid/CPR-C with AED certification are required to apply, as well as a resume and a cover letter. Along with guarding, the pool also runs Red Cross swimming lessons Saturday mornings from 9-12, which requires a current instructor certification, whether it is Red Cross or Lifesaving Society.”

Zach Wilson


I had the opportunity to work as a receptionist at the Glendon Athletic Club full time in the summer between my first as second years. As a receptionist, you are responsible for signing members in and out of the gym, answering the phone, booking out spaces for members and towel service. It’s a great job to have in the summer of during the school year, since there is great flexible with shifts usually being offered in three hour slots to work around your class schedule.

Information on applying is usually in the Glendon newsletter, but you can always take a walk down the stairs and inquire in person!

Residence Life

Residence living is a right of passage for many students, but did you know there are many ways to get even more involved in residence life?

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) Kate Fowley explains:

“[In residence] there are many different ways to get skills that you can bring to a future employer, including translation. We’ll create opportunities where they don’t already exist to develop skills that students can use while they’re a student or when they graduate.”

Residence Don

One was to get involved is as a Residence Don. So, what does the job entail? Kate explains that there are several categories of work Dons do: ensuring the safety of the residents as the first responders to interior and exterior concerns, building the community, retention (helping residents have an experience they wish to carry into future years), creating a positive student experience and education. Education especially involves educating on various topics including sexual health, mental health and cohabitation with diverse range of people. In fact, Kate notes that Dons are “educators, as well as buffers to extinguish conflict”.

So how would she recommend 1st year students get involved?

“Get to know your don! Your don is the perfect resource and every single Don will have a very different story….

Be present in your community! Attend the events you can, volunteer for whatever positions excite or interest you…

Try to have an experience that you want to share the next year and engage with the opportunities around you.”

With some parting advice on life in residence, Kate says:

“Everyone is in the same boat, everyone is scared. Keep you door open- you never know who you’re going to meet.

Don’t be afraid to say hi!”

Night Porter

If being a Don doesn’t sound right for you, but you still want to work in residence, check out the Night Porter position :

“Being a night porter at Glendon is a very rewarding position. As a night porter you get to meet a lot of people and you are able to really bond with your fellow residents. Our main tasks include signing in guests, renting out entertainment equipment, planning a few events for fellow residents during the year, and being emergency response wardens. By signing in guests we enable the security of residence and make sure that in case of an emergency we have a good count of the amount of people in residence. As emergency response wardens we are responsible to ensure the proper evacuation of the building in case of a fire emergency.

Being a night porter is available to second year students who live in residence. It is also a very good pathway to becoming a DON. I recommend the position highly as it enables you to meet new people, be involved in your community, and do homework all at the same time.”



If your looking for an evening job after you’ve finished classes, GoSafe is a great job to look into!

“Gosafe is a service offered at Glendon as well as Keele for students who do not want to walk alone around campus in the evenings. Glendon Staff work from 545pm until 11pm. We are also in charge of checking the emergency phones around campus as well as outdoor lights each night…. I recommend going on the gosafe website and applying the first week of September because they hire soon after that.

It’s a great student job, we get to meet lots of people and the schedule is very flexible!”


Student Recruitment & Applicant Relations

I’ve been lucky enough be involved with Student Recruitment and Applicant Relations since my first year at Glendon. I’ve held various positions, but the one thing that continuously makes this job so wonderful is the ability to connect with future students and share why Glendon is amazing!  Here’s some of those positions:


Joanna is a current Ambassador at Glendon, meaning that she helps in:

  • providing information about Glendon programs and campus life
  • describing services offered on campus
  • sharing her personal favourite things about the campus
  • showing future students around

“I love sharing my passion and appreciation for the campus and meeting new people, so why not do that while helping future students?”

Joanna, 2nd year French Studies major

Looking to get involved? Keep your ears open for opportunities at the start of your first semester!


If social media and online presence is more your thing, then you might be interested in being an eAmbassador:

“My position as an eambassador meant I was blogging (in my case, bilingually) about my program, involvement, and overall student life at Glendon. I also got to connect with a lot of prospective and future students on Facebook, Twitter and over the phone. My role was to answer questions they might’ve had, and help in their transition to Glendon.”

Francette M 

At the beginning of your first year, you can apply to be an eAmbassador in an unpaid position, to build experience and feel out balancing work and classes. After your first year, you can consider re-applying for a paid position.

Interested? Start blogging now and build that portfolio!

Event Ambassador

Emilia is currently an Event Ambassador at Glendon, the first to hold this new position!

“I’m primarily in charge of assisting with all the event logistics and ensuring everything is prepared for the events and running smoothly. Some of the events I help plan and organize are Fall Campus Day, Experience Glendon (Spring open house), March Break U

What I love most about it is that I get to collaborate and work with all the other full-time and student staff in the Recruitment office. I’m very lucky to be able to work in such a friendly environment where time passes by quickly and where you don’t even realize you’re “working”!”

Emilia Nowicki

Office Ambassador

Interested in more of a desk-job? Office Ambassadors are there to provide front-of-the-line service for applicants and future students!

“Office Ambassadors are current Glendon students (first years are welcome too!) who work with the Welcome Centre Coordinator for the Office of Student Recruitment and Applicant Relations. Their primary responsibilities are to help at the welcome desk, typically for one day of the week, by responding to emails, answering phone calls and assisting with in-person visits. They will also help the Ambassadors with tours and open houses for potential applicants and future students. Finally, Office Ambassadors are expected to be fully bilingual, and to know the current information important for applicants (both Canadian and international) to Glendon: from applying online to booking an enrollment appointments for first year classes.

I started as an Office Ambassador after my first year, knowing that I wanted to share my great experiences at Glendon with potential future students. The position has given me the opportunity to collaborate with my peers, communicate (en français et in English!) with future students, and to take a leadership role on campus. It’s the perfect on-campus position for anyone looking to connect with the Glendon community.”

Natalia Ladyka-Wojcik

Academic Services

Academic Services can help you plan your courses and make sure you satisfy your degree requirements- and as a student you could work there:

“I worked at Academic Services for two years where I responded to front desk, email and telephone inquiries from Glendon students regarding courses, registration, transcripts and petitions. As a Work/Study, I also facilitated students wishing to speak with the academic advisors on a walk-in basis. The work/study positions are generally open to second year students and higher because it requires a level of familiarity with faculty rules and regulations for the BA and BSc degrees.

I enjoyed my time as a Work/Study because it allowed me to interact with and assist other Glendon students; improve and practice my French skills; deepen my understanding of how academic processes function; and develop a pleasant professional relationship with the amazing staff working within the office!”

Krystle Hewitt

Student Financial Services

Fee payments, help with OSAP, financial deadlines and everything monday. Student Financial Services is another great place to work on-campus!

“We have a couple work/studies at Student Financial Services, who help us with some of the administrative tasks around the office. Their main role is to provide front-line customer service by staffing the desk and answering emails/phone calls to help students with questions about financial aid, scholarships, bursaries, and tuition. Some of the pros are that you get to learn a lot about this intricate system of finances, gain lots of customer service experience, and obviously having an on-campus job makes commutes super easy!”

Juan Garrido, Academic and Student Financial Services Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistant 

There are many ways to improve the skills you will be learning in your courses, and the role of Undergraduate Research Assistant is one of them. In this job, you could do a variety of tasks to help a professor, and then take those skills back into your course!

“When I was an incoming student to Glendon, I was offered a research assistant position through the Research Mentorship Program. This opportunity was only offered to the highest achieving high school students referred to as “Top Scholars“. I had the opportunity to work on a linguistics project based on interactions between humans and bonobo primates.

The experiences I had and the skills I acquired were invaluable to me as a university student because it was my foray into research and ever since, I have been able to do research in other areas much more effectively and independently. At the time, I did not fully appreciate the opportunity as much as I should have, but the two years I was able to spend on the project really furthered not only my academic career, but also my future professional career opportunities.”

Aleksandar Golijanin

Campus Food Services

Got experience in food handling and service? Brittany works at everyone’s favourite before-class stop: Tim Hortons!

“My job at Tim Hortons is a simple one: I just do everything. A slightly less daunting answer is, every Tim Hortons employee is trained on how to manage food handling, beverage preparation, and cashier duty. All positions aside from management are equal opportunity and open to everyone, but experience is given extra consideration, especially given how busy our location is.

As was jokingly said by a customer, “Once you work at one Tim Hortons, you can work anywhere in Canada.”. This actually quite accurate observation is largely why I do enjoy my job; there is a comforting sense that once you’re part of the crew, you’re a quick chat away from being part of any Tim’s crew across the country.”


Drama Studies Department

Some departments at Glendon offer work opportunities for students- a great way to build your skill set in your field of study! One example of this is explained by Megan:

“My job with the Drama Studies Department is as a Theatre Technician Assistant, which is a work/study position through the school. The main part of my job is working with the students of the DRST 1200 “Smoke and Mirrors: Technical Theater” class during their class-mandated crew calls. “Crew calls” are when the tech crew either prepare the theatre space for performances, or reset the theatre space after performances. Usually this means hanging or striking lights and sound equipment from the grid, or loading in or taking down sets.

Often, we will have work shifts where the DRST 1200 students (affectionately referred to as “crew-callers”) aren’t present and it will just be the Work/Studies. These shifts are sometimes for Special Events, which are handled jointly by the Theatre and IT Services. For example, at the beginning of this school year we helped set up the Glendon 50 Year Anniversary Gala.

To qualify for this job you must take the DRST 1200 course, it’s a very fun course which I recommend to everybody regardless of their major. The course teaches you some incredibly useful skills, such as knot-tying, drilling, sawing, audio editing, lighting, project planning; to put it simply the class teaches you to solve your problems. Which is why I love my job so much.

In theatre there is always a solution, if you think creatively enough and are willing to collaborate and work hard the show will always go on.”

Megan St-Pierre

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Glendon ITS is a staple service on campus, and a great place to be employed! Check out what Erica has to say:

“My job is to assist any member of the Glendon community with problems, questions or concerns that deal with technology within the Glendon Community. I help with classroom equipment set-ups, office computer malfunctions, and any York website related problems.

My favourite part would be after I help or solve an issue with a professor or student, seeing their faces of how relieved and happy they are that the problem no longer persists. Receiving a heart-felt thank you from any staff or student is encouraging for me to always learn more so I can help my fellow Glendon community.

Anyone can apply and all the training is provided, so no need to feel pressured to have some IT background in order to apply!”

Erica John R

Career and Skill Development Centre

The Glendon Career and Skill Development Centre also offers opportunities for employment on campus, and former eAmbassador Sonia lets us know why she loves working there :
(heads up! Sonia also says first years are eligible to apply to this position!)

“I’m a Skills Development Advisor at the Career and Skills Development Centre. The centre is open to students and new grads who want to develop or improve academic and career-related skills. This includes everything from learning how to write a thesis statement to interview prep. In my role, I take one-on-one booked and drop-in appointments in both English and French to answer questions and provide general help and strategies for success…. I love being able to make use of strategies and knowledge that I’ve learned myself over my time as a student and pass it on to the students who visit the centre. A lot of my job is helping students build on the skills and strengths that they already have and the moment that something “clicks” is my favourite part of the job.”



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