Get Involved! The Glendon Journal of International Studies

If you’re a Glendon International Studies student who is looking for a way to get involved, or to have your work published in an undergraduate journal, look no further:

The Glendon Journal of International Studies (GJIS) ou La Revue d’études internationales de Glendon (REIG) is :

“an annual collection of the best essays prepared by the undergraduate students of the Department of International Studies at Glendon College. Given the bilingual nature of the College, the collection presents essays in English and in French.

This collection is an excellent inventory of resources for all the students of the Department. It represents, in particular, every year, for those students who want to contribute to this collection a constant encouragement to redouble their research efforts and produce work of high quality.”

The journal is largely organized by the Managing Editors, our Faculty Adviser and Library Adviser.

If you have a paper which you are proud of, this journal is a great opportunity to learn about the review process, receive feedback, and potentially be published. We use a blinded process to ensure author anonymity, therefore the people reviewing a submitted paper will not know the author’s identity. You can submit multiple articles over the course of your degree, giving you opportunities outside of class to improve your writing and research skills!

If you want to be involved in the GJIS but don’t wish to submit a paper, there are many ways that you can get involved!

As a first year student, I recommend getting involved as a Reviewer and then in the future as an Editor. 

As a Reviewer you will be assigned a number or articles, depending on the amount submitted, which you must read and provide feedback on based on a list of criteria. This is how I started in GJIS!

An Editor ensures that the submitted articles are reviewed, the reviews are consolidated, and that the feedback is passed back along to the author in a timely and anonymous fashion. An Editor acts in many ways as a liaison between the Author, Co-Managing Editors and Reviewers! 

Information sessions on these roles take place at the end of each year, followed by a training session.

The GJIS is a wonderful opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge, connect with other International Studies students and improve your own scholarly writing!

To check out past issues of the GJIS click here!

To stay informed about information sessions, submission deadlines and other important information like our Facebook page!


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