So I’m Bilingual Now- Right?

I’ve been learning and studying French since I was in grade four. Since the very first time my Anglophone French teacher walked in and said “Bonjour”. Since I circled my local arena while my sister skated reciting my French conjugations: je suis, tu es, il est….


My core French and extremely xenophobic learning environment were not enough to contain my passion for the language, and so by the age of 13, I had completed a French Canadian exchange. The monotony of my high school French experience nearly dragged me from the language, and yet before university I had managed to live in France for one month, complete the Explore program at Université Laval and graduate with an award in French language.

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Let’s Not (de)Stress

You’d think that by now I’d have the solution to stress management and mental health, and I desperately wish that I did. Balance and management is a constant learning process.


For me, stressing is second nature. I was born a 30-year old worrier, and not much has changed since except I’m now a 51-year old worrier. I never concerned myself much about mental health and time management until I lived by myself. For most of my life, I would overexert and over-work myself until my inevitable crash, after which I would pick myself back up and start all over again. Personally, I needed a breaking point to see how unhealthy this was, which came abruptly in my second year at university.

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International… what? (Get ready for acronyms)

International Studies (the best program in existence) is often one of the most easily confused and misunderstood programs at Glendon and in general.

I have been enrolled as a Specialized Honours Major in International Studies since my very first year at Glendon, and I have absolutely no regrets. I have had some of the most enthusiastic and engaging professors I have ever experienced and have really been able to find myself and my interests in an open and critical environment.


But, what is International Studies (IS) ?

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*Avant de commencer cette pièce, je voudrais dire que le français n’est pas ma langue maternelle, alors il y a probablement plusieurs erreurs. Mais, la seule façon d’améliorer une autre langue est de l’utiliser! Merci!


Salut à tous et à toutes! Je m’appelle Francesca et je suis dans ma quatrième et dernière année ici à Glendon. Mon majeur est les études internationales avec un certificat de bilinguisme et je suis en train de finir un baccalauréat spécialisé approfondi. Alors, cette année je vais suivre une mémoire de spécialisation et bien que je sois nerveuse, j’ai hâte de me mettre au défi.

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