Living in Toronto

For the last three years I have been living, working and studying in Toronto. Initially, I lived on campus at Glendon for two years in Hilliard Residence, then spent the summer in between these years in Wood Residence. At the end of my second year I decided to move closer to downtown Toronto and got a bachelor apartment off-campus. Now, my year’s rent is up and I am packing up my slowly-emptying apartment ready to move back home.

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Choosing a Major

Many people end up changing their major or their minor throughout their degree to find the perfect fit.

In my case though, I was one of the lucky people that came to university in the program that I will be graduating from next year.

I spent most of high school searching for a stable, well-paying career and the degree that will get me there. I always torn backwards and forwards between a pre-med degree and a pre-law degree. I was unable to make up my mind about anything.


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